Breaking News – 2012: Granada Tile


We promised you lots of fun new Granada Tile installation photos and new tile installation photos you shall have. To recap, last week we shared a stunning open-plan kitchen tile installation with you that featured our Fez tile design. In a space with multiple elements at play, Fez held its own and added flair to the entire area. Today, we’ve got something of a polar opposite kitchen tile installation featuring Fez. Behold a chic, petite kitchen! Located in Manhattan, it’s sort of the perfect urban hub for cooking. While pint-sized, every piece of the puzzle (furnishings, fixtures, and other details) works hard to make the most of the space. In a starring role, of course, is our Fez tile design, in dark gray and white, lining the tile backsplash.

Not only does Fez blend perfectly with the minimalist palette (just some white, a few grays, and the warm, dark wood of the wide-plank floor), it adds a singular pop of pattern. The result is graphic, yet not overpoweringly so given the small room. Even better, its own distinct texture, visible even in photographs, joins the rough-hewn wood to temper the otherwise sleek surfaces of the cabinets, countertops and stainless-steel appliances. We love the rest of the kitchen too. The central island, one of our favorite tricks to make the best use of space, has an ingenious bump-out that houses shelves for books and display and creates a perfect nook for two industrial-looking bar stools (we love the ever-so-slightly exaggerated scale of their legs—like they’re about to scurry across the floor). The kitchen truly is a master-class in great design for a small space. We’re thrilled that Granada Tile could be part of a creative design solution.


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