Breaking News: Custom Kitchen Cement Tiles On The Cover of Tribeza Magazine


Last week we shared about the custom cement tiles we created for the wall and backsplash of a Texan kitchen that propelled it onto the cover of Bungalow.  Here’s another view of that same kitchen, this time gracing the cover of the January interiors edition of Tribeza, another Austin-based publication.  In this photo, the concrete tile backsplash shares center stage with the smiling family.  We’d smile too if we were waking up to these kitchen tiles!  They’re modern, with a hint of deco jazziness, and the black, white and grey color scheme is a great counterpoint to the simple cabinetry and stainless steel appliances, adding warmth and playfulness to a space that’s all about bringing the family together to nourish body and soul.  On our part we’re over the moon that this kitchen (and our custom cement tile) made the cover of two magazines.  Perhaps we should hashtag it Texas Tile Tuesday?

Cement tiles are perfect for any kitchen project not just for their beauty but for the other qualities that make it perfect for this hardworking room: they’re easy care, long lasting and low maintenance.  Not quite sure which encaustic tiles to pick for your own kitchen?  We found this post on Houzz to be quite useful.  Start with our Echo Collection’s interactive catalog: pick the design you like and play with the colors you’re thinking about. Save your personalized tiles to my portfolio.  Of course, we’re always here to help you create the perfect concrete tile design for your space.


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