Cluny Cement Tiles and Olympia Coffee


We love our coffee over here at Granada Tile so we’re always delighted to be selected to shine in another coffee shop, whether in a tile floor or on a tile wall.   From Fez at Intelligensia in Los Angeles to a mix of Fez and Cluny at Blue Bottle Coffee in New York, Granada tile and coffee are a match made in caffeine heaven!  To add to the list, Olympia Coffee in Washington State.  Here our Cluny tiles not only add a note of old world charm to the otherwise stark, modern space, but the tile’s design also appears on the shop’s popular, reusable coffee cups.  Check out their tile walls!

  Of course, concrete tiles have three other qualities that make them a natural choice for any home or restaurant project: they’re easy care, long lasting and hard wearing.


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