4 Great Granada Cement Tile Kitchens To Inspire You


Is your plain Jane kitchen bringing you down?  Often, all a dull kitchen needs is a shot of our tiles in the backsplash, or a wash of their color and pattern across the floor, to bring it to joyous, glorious life.  Just imagine how these kitchens would’ve looked if they’d decided to go with white tiles instead!

Our Fez tile in black and white makes this kitchen glow with exotic possibilities.

  Black and white Cluny tiles unify a farmhouse sink and a modern stainless steel stove.

  Normandy tiles in white and grey let this streamlined kitchen show off its country side.


  Badajoz tiles in black and white make this kitchen dance with personality And, of course, cement tiles have the added bonus of being easy care, low maintenance and long lasting.  Need help picking out the best concrete tiles for your kitchen?  Call us on 213.482.8070 and we’ll be happy to help you bring your kitchen to life.


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