Breaking News: Europa Tiles for Malibu Fish Grill


Maybe it’s because spring has finally sprung, and we’re all shaking off our winter doldrums. Maybe there’s something else in the air. Whatever the reason, it seems like Granada Tile‘s clients have been extra-busy these days—sharing tile photos of their most recent cement tile installations. As you can imagine, we couldn’t be more thrilled about all the wonderful projects we’ve seen featuring our tile designs.

Today, we’re excited to share some tile pictures of a new cement tile installation featuring our Europa concrete tile design. Malibu FIsh Grill got its start in Orange County, California, a little less than a decade ago. Since then, it has expanded to include locations in the South Bay and Los Angeles area. The company’s newest outpost is in West Hollywood. There, just as its sister spots, the emphasis is on fresh fish, along with locally sourced produce. There’s also an emphasis on fresh design. The new restaurant is open and airy and takes the idea of the seafood shack and turns it on its head. When you walk in to the new place, your eyes immediately go to the service counter and our playful Europa tile design. The cement tiles cover the soffit above, run up the pilasters and cover the counter’s front. For the space, the designers chose a custom-color combination of white circles on a bright blue ground. It’s the perfect choice for a seafood place, since it suggests bubbles in the sea.

Next time you find yourself in West Hollywood, be sure to stop by Malibu Fish Grill for a quick bite—and to check out some great cement tile.


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