Breaking News: Serengeti Cement Tiles for Toronto


First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter their Fez giveaway. The contest is now closed; they’ll be announcing a winner soon! Of course, please keep checking out their site. It’s a fantastic compendium of info and gadgets for the kitchen- and food-obsessed folks out there. Continuing in a food-ish vein, we have a great new tile installation of Granada Tile to share with you today—at a place where form and function are perfectly aligned in every way. Smock Cafe, located in Toronto, is an urban oasis for parents and kids. Besides serving fresh, seasonal food (organic and local whenever possible), the space also offers a place for families to craft and create (anyone have  budding actors, graphic novelists or fashion designers?), all in a space designed to let imaginations roam free.

As befitting its mission to nourish the body and the mind, the place has a tranquil, uncluttered minimalist feel. The lines are clean and the palette is kept to a minimum with just neutrals and a few pops of subtle color. It’s modern, maybe a touch industrial, but there’s warmth and texture too. Of course, at the heart of the place, we’re proud to say, is a counter covered with our Serengeti tile design, from our Echo Collection. We love how the Smock folks finessed the tile installation so that the effect is a rhythmic positive/negative. The Serengeti concrete tiles work in harmony with the rest of the interior elements, and, we like to think, provide a little visual inspiration of their own. If you’re smitten, head over to Smock’s Facebook page, where you can check out some great construction photos, including a few of the Serengeti tile installation in progress. And, if you happen to be in Toronto, make sure you check them out, eat a little something, take a class or just take a break, and, by all means, say Granada Tile sent you!


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