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At the newest Olympia Coffee Roasting location, a wall behind the bar is clad in Cluny cement tiles, creating a lively backdrop for exceptional coffee. Image courtesy Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.

The Pacific Northwest is synonymous with coffee—some great brews come from the upper left corner of the United States. If you happen to be in Olympia, Washington, near Seattle, be sure to pay a visit to Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., an award-winning micro-roaster with three locations around the city. Of course, we wouldn’t just be telling you about the place if not for one other, very important detail: The company’s newest outpost just so happens to feature a stunning wall installation of Granada Tile‘s Cluny cement tile design. (You can also check out the design in the new issue of Gray, a title devoted to Pacific Northwest Design, which includes the new space in a round-up of tile ideas.)

Housed in the historic Wildwood Building at the heart of four bustling neighborhoods, the new spot is the first location to be custom-designed and built to the company’s exact specifications and boasts a look that blends minimalism and warmth. There, pale woods and creamy walls offer an elegant space to enjoy a cup. Into this serene environment, Cluny cement tiles add just the right note of flavor, goosing the surroundings with some delicate pattern. As with some other recent cement tile installations featuring our concrete tiles, this project also has them cladding walls. We love how designers are taking the idea of wall tiles beyond the backsplash and bathroom and bringing them into spaces where paint or traditional paper or fabric wallcoverings would be more often used. It’s a lovely, durable method of bringing color and pattern to walls If a brand new wall tile installation and magazine coverage weren’t enough, check out Domaine today (if you’ve never visited, you’re in for a treat—the site has everything a home design–obsessed person might need, from fabulous houses to great product ideas). They have a great article on cement tile’s renaissance with a few fabulous shout-outs to Granada Tile’s sensational concrete tile. It seems like all sorts of spaces are coming up cement!


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