Get Inspired: Adding Pizazz with Color


The end of March marks another fabulous month on Granada Tile‘s Share Designs page. With the changing season, it seems as if our cement tile-philes are ramping up—playing with lots of tile designs and colors to add pizazz to their tile backsplashes, floors and walls. You can imagine, then, that our site is absolutely brimming with eye candy of the concrete tile variety. Up first is a really cool design by Vasser Bailey that takes our Normandy tile design and tweaks it. Now, in general, when our clients choose this particular cement tile for their projects, they usually choose a light, neutral ground color and then opt for a strong contrast for the pattern. In the case of Vasser’s look, the ground goes bold and the pattern itself is more neutral. It’s a simple, yet very effective way of transforming this cement tile and upping the drama factor for a space where you really want to make a statement—say on the floor in an entry or on the walls in lieu of wallpaper.

From bold, we go to light and delicate, with Compostela. This cement tile design is a perfect example of the inherent versatility of our concrete tiles. Often, our clients will play up the complex pattern and incorporate lots of color, but we were really intrigued by how Elizabeth Rowin went another route, simplifying it. The pattern remains, it’s just quieter. Her choice of three colors highlights the delicacy of the tile design.

From traditional, we make a move to more contemporary with this really chic version of Hokkaido courtesy of Stefanie Yates. In her version, she further simplified the tile design, creating a wavy, diamond pattern that would be right at home on a tile backsplash or in a bathroom. You could even add a little more zest to the tile installation by playing with the layout, rotating tiles for a mod effect.

There’s plenty more where these came from on Share Designs. And, please keep experimenting with cement tile, color, pattern and layout using our interactive tools. We love seeing your ideas as much as you like creating them. And you never know—you might see your idea featured here one day!


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