Get The Look: Block Party Highland Park


Right now, we’re obsessed with hexes. No, not the scary-witch-with-a-crooked-finger-who’ll-put-a-spell-on-you-and-lock-you-up-in-a-cage-for-fattening-up-and-then-eating-later kind but the six sided cement tiles that’ll make you fall in love with whatever room you put them in kind! Our hexagon cement tiles with their intriguing designs offering endless combinations are certain to put a spell on you. Just look how they’ve captured the heart of Block Shop, a popular bar on York Avenue in Los Angeles’s Highland Park neighborhood.

Get a similar look by ordering our Ipswich cement tiles in white and coral. Whether you use them on the floor, the wall, as a backsplash or over your own bar, we’re sure they’ll cast a spell over you. We call it the cement tile smile. 


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