Granada Tile Fez Cement Tile in San Francisco Magazine


Ten years and counting, Fez cement tile is still inspiring great design. Arguably, it works as well in bohemian outdoor spaces as it does in modern bathrooms. Take for example, the modern bathroom in the March issue of San Francisco magazine. Smooth white walls, a circular window and sleek shower niches form a sophisticated pairing with Fez cement tile’s exuberant graphic pattern. Designed by Mason St. Peter, the look is decidedly modern while at the same time utterly timeless. Ultimately it will look as fresh in another decade from now as it does today.

Fez concrete tiles are only one of our many tile patterns. We’ve got over 40 vibrant colors and 400 eye-catching designs for you to choose from. Check out our interactive catalogue or peruse our cement tile shop to see our large selection of in-stock handmade master-crafted cement tiles. And, of course, we’re here to help you make a decision. By the same token, you can call us at 213-788-4238. We’d feel happy to help you decide which of our encaustic tile designs would be perfect for your project. We know you’ll fall in love with your new cement tiles even before the grout dries.


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