Installation Equation: Alhambra Outside Seattle


Yesterday, we shared a fantastic tile installation featuring our Santander tile design. Today, we’ve got another wonderful cement tile installation featuring Granada Tile. This time, though, color, in addition to pattern, takes center stage. This tile installation idea comes to us from David Schneider, who chose to use Granada Tile in his own home near Seattle. The materials and the palette are by and large simple and neutral—pale walls and blond wood, for the most part, in a house that suggests Craftsman architecture. There’s a bit of pattern in the stained glass window in the door (one of those Craftsman touches), but it’s minimal. Instead, the real dynamism comes in the form of our cement tiles.

Schneider chose to cover his home’s entry in our Alhambra concrete tile design from our flagship Echo Collection. It’s a great, complex pattern that’s reminiscent of classic mosaic tile designs found in Spain and North Africa—with a palette of vivid shades to match. In the space, the concrete tiles provide a vivid splash of color that welcomes guests. The tile design’s palette also complements the bright contemporary artwork found in the entry and just beyond. Together, the strong colors of the concrete tiles and the paintings also serve as a lovely antidote to the frequent gray of the Pacific Northwest.

Have a great tile installation featuring our cement tiles? Let us know! We love to see what you’ve come up with and would love to feature here. Contemplating a tile installation? Then, head over to our catalogues to find the concrete tile design that’s just right for you.


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