Installation Equation: Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Fireplace with Cement Tile


By now, you know it’s nearly a given that Granada Tile‘s sensational cement tiles are a great choice for pretty much any project that requires a durable, long-lasting, fabulous-looking surface. We’re always thrilled to share with you great tile installations that play up all the great features our wonderful concrete tiles have to offer—spaces and structures that feature our concrete tiles in new, innovative ways, from unexpected color and pattern combinations to unusual uses. In the pages of the June 2013 Vogue, we may have found one of our favorite tile installations ever using Granada Tile. It’s simple but oh-so-effective. Here’s the scoop: It springs from the mind of jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth. She created it for her bungalow on the canals in Venice, the fun and funky beachfront community of Los Angeles.

It’s an outdoor firepit, a rectangular box covered everywhere in our Echo Collection‘s Serengeti tile design and inset with a fire element. Neuwirth alternated the orientation of the concrete tiles, so the look is visually complex. With the bold black-and-white color combination, it makes a stunning focal point for the rooftop deck—a cozy spot for friends to congregate. The bold tile pattern also adds an exotic element, pairing perfectly with the bold colors of the ottomans and sculptures she has included in the space. To see what some of our other clients have done with Granada Tile’s concrete tiles for their own fireplace designs, take a peak at our installation pages. They show just how versatile Granada Tile’s cement tiles are—inside or out, they make a stunning statement. Also, be sure to check out Neuwirth’s jewelry. It’s every bit as stunning as her home—and her Serengeti-clad firepit.


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