Toolbox: A Sampling of Our Cement Tile Samples


So you’ve discovered Granada Tile or are a returning client. You’ve experimented with our interactive Echo Collection catalogue, or perused our Milano and Rustico catalogues online. You’ve spent some time on Share Designs. You’ve fallen in love with cement tile and are just about ready to make the leap and order something for your own concrete tile installation, but you’re still not sure of a few things. Fear not, we’re here to help! Probably the best way to make a decision about anything having to do with home design is to live with whatever it is you’re thinking about. Painting the kitchen? Why not paint a cabinet so you can see how it looks in natural daylight and in artificial light in the evening. Same goes for tile, and we’ve made it easy for you. We offer several different sample options so you can live with some cement tile before committing to a new kitchen tile backsplash or bathroom tile installation. To get a sense of our colors, why not order a set of eight four by four tiles with 32 colors on them. You can set them up wherever you’re thinking of doing your tile installation and live with the colors for a bit. You might discover a new combination you never thought of or confirm your first impulse.

If you’re trying to choose between cement tiles from different collections for a tile installation, we have sample tiles from our Rustico and Milanocollections. While both are concrete tiles, the effect of each is very different. Order both to see if a sleek look is what you’re going for, or if something more rough-hewn is more your style. Have you fallen in love with something from the Echo Collection, maybe two have caught your fancy, and you’re trying to choose? We also have several of our most popular cement tiles from that collection available as samples too. Whether you love the geometry of Fez or Serengeti, or are trying to pick between Sofia and Copenhagen, just order a sample to be sure. Have we piqued your curiosity? Just head over to our catalogues and then peruse our samples! Happy looking. [subscribe2]


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