5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Granada Tile

Tiles featured: Khufu 931 A, Luxor 30 A, Yuma 95
Tiles featured: Khufu 931 A, Luxor 30 A, Yuma 95 Designer: Studio UNLTD | Photographer: Wonho Frank Lee

Granada Tile has become a leading name in encaustic cement tiles worldwide. Our tiles are the design item of choice for famous interior designers, home builders, and architects. They’re renowned for their ability to withstand heavy use and create a superb surface for primary flooring, bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, and other design elements. However, there’s a lot of things about us you may not know! Check out these mind-blowing facts about Granada Tile that are as fun and exciting as they are educational.

1. Granada Tile is Eco-Friendly

Tile featured: Santander 922 A

Tile featured: Santander 922 A

Granada Tile uses only eco-friendly methods and materials to create its handcrafted encaustic cement tiles. Our tiles are sun-dried and cured. We recycle all the water from our production process, as well as all of our molds. We sparingly use renewable hydraulic energy and use only locally-sourced materials in plentiful supply, including sand, soapstone, and limestone.

We do not contribute to landfills, nor do we use any toxins. All loose cement and concrete mix is reused. Our tiles that don’t pass muster are also ground up to be reused. Any leftover sand is used for construction projects. Finally, our tiles are packed in cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable. It doesn’t get much more eco-friendly than our tiles.

2. Custom Tiles Are Hand Poured

Hand poured custom tile

No machines are used to automate our production process. Our tiles are artisan-made and hand-poured into molds. That means every tile you get has a personal touch and exquisite care placed in every detail. That also allows us to create tiles in a wide range of styles and colors. We can even create custom tiles designed explicitly by our clients.

3. They’re Low Maintenance and Last for Years

Tile features: Sofia (custom)

Tile features: Sofia (custom)

Granada tiles, when properly installed and sealed, will last for years. They can handle heavy traffic in the most frequently used rooms and won’t crack or wear out. Even better, they are extremely low maintenance. They can be cleaned with gentle detergent and warm water and won’t hold stains. Most dirt and spills will simply wipe away. 

4. The Color Will Never Fade

Tile featured: Cluny

Tile featured: Cluny

Ceramic tiles have colors that are dyed or painted on top. Even when sealed, constant exposure to light and wear will eventually result in fade. This is not so with Granada tiles. Our color is poured as part of the tile, which doesn’t lose vibrancy. 

Learn why our cement tiles excel over ceramic in this in-depth guide.

5. It All Started in a Basement

Marcos and Melanie Cajina

One of the most surprising facts about Granada Tile is that it all started in a basement. In 2001, Marcos Cajina, built a hydraulic press in his LA basement and learned how to replicate tiles he’d seen in other design projects. Marcos and his wife, Melanie, then traveled the world to research and learn all they could about the history of cement tiles. They toured public buildings and historic locales to see ancient tiles in person. They also researched tremendously, learning all they needed about the origins of the process. That was how it all started! 

For more exciting facts or to order your cement tiles, contact Granada Tile today!


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