Breaking News: Rustico Takes Center Stage in Nicaragua


Have you heard about Granda Tile‘s Rustico Tile Collection? Just like our flagship Echo Collectionof cement tile, the Rustico Tile Collection is made of concrete, so it’s tough and beautiful—evoking the warm tones, rich textures and timeless beauty of terracotta. And, given our painstaking manufacturing process, each and every cement Rustico Collection tile is unique! The cement tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors, from simple squares to more complex picket combinations.

Recently, several clients in Nicaragua, where we have a manufacturing facility, have chosen concrete tiles from the Rustico Tile Collection as their go-to flooring—inside and out. Mixing color, shape and even installation style, the homes are a tribute to the Rustico Tile Collection’s amazing versatility. For a contemporary residence in a Spanish-style vein, the clients opted for square cement tiles from the Rustico Collection. Lining a pathway around the house, the classic design suggests cobbled walks and complements the house’s traditional architecture, while at the same time being very much of the moment.

Square tiles from the Rustico Collection line a pathway. Image, Granda Tile.

Using two sizes of cement tile from the Rustico Tile Collection indoors creates an entirely different mood for another Nicaragua house. By alternating large reddish squares and small black squares of concrete tile, the contrasting effect adds a note of rustic charm to the space.

Rustico for a spectacular pool deck. Image, Granada Tile.

Now Nicaragua is rightly famed for it’s breathtaking landscapes. There are the jungles teeming with myriad plants and animals, along with two coasts’ worth of ocean views. We’re delighted that our concrete tile graces the deck around a pool overlooking the sea. The large-scale cement tiles frame the infinity-edge pool on two sides, helping to lend to the illusion of the water seamlessly dropping into blue depths below. Though understated, the size of the concrete tiles, their color and their sensuous texture enhance the drama of the space.

Rustico for a spectacular pool deck. Image, Granada Tile.

These are marvelous houses—made even better with cement tiles from Granada Tile! If you’ve recently used Granada Tiles in a project, please don’t forget to share your images with us.


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