Breaking News: The Sincerest Form of Flattery at Anthropologie


Although we live, sleep, eat and breathe cement tile here at Granada Tile, we still manage to get out and about. Of course, even when we’re out our thoughts still turn to concrete tile. Recently, Melanie Stephens, our co-founder, made a trip over to the Grove here in LA and happened to pop into Anthropologie, which recently underwent a major renovation.

Walking through the newly imagined space, Melanie couldn’t believe her eyes—our signature cement tile pattern Fez (from our Echo Collection) was incorporated into wood boards. Intrigued, Melanie took a closer look. First thing she noticed: Unlike our standard, in-stock Fez, this interpretation was in two shades of blue. Getting closer still, Melanie discovered that it wasn’t actually concrete tile at all!

Instead, the designers, obviously inspired by the chic shapes of Fez, painted the design on rough wooden boards rather than installing the tiles themselves. It’s an interesting take on our design and shows how Fez has captured the imaginations of many!



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