Designer Spotlight: Mark Zeff


Over the years, Granada Tile‘s exquisite cement tiles have been chosen by some of the biggest names in design and architecture. They love our concrete tiles and their high quality. They appreciate the ability to work with us to create their own tile designs, or to have the opportunity to customize cement tiles from our existing concrete tile designs. New York–based Mark Zeff, of MARKZEFF, has turned to Granada Tile for tile installations in two of his recent projects. For Mercato di Vetro, a stylish restaurant in West Hollywood, Zeff worked with us to come up with a custom tile design for the space’s floor. Simple and elegant, the tile installation features a pattern of medallions in black and white.

Granada Tile worked with designer Mark Zeff to create a stunning cement tile design for the floor at Mercato di Vetro in West Hollywood. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

It adds a lovely pop of pattern to the space and contrasts beautifully with the rich browns of the leather and wood; the red of the walls, and the stone of surfaces found throughout the restaurant. For another Los Angeles–area project—Delphine, the restaurant at the W Hotel Hollywood—Zeff turned to Granada Tile too. This time, though, he opted for two of our existing patterns, Cannes and Monaco from our Echo Collection, which he arranged across the floor, devising a bold and surprising look.

Zeff used a combination of our Cannes and Monaco tile designs for the floor tile installation at Delphine, a restaurant at the W Hotel Hollywood. Tile photo, Granada Tile.

The two tile designs are enough a like that they compliment each other perfectly but different enough, to give the tile installation a smart, rhythmic quality. Against the warm shades of the space, the teal blue offers a great splash of color. Love Mark Zeff’s work? Exploring our cement tile collection catalogues and using our design tools will allow you to experiment with cement tile designs of your own for all of your upcoming tile installation projects. Experiment just like the pros! [subscribe2]


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