Mix & Match: Playing with Cement Tile Designs


Tuesday’s post featuring the work of MARKZEFF got us thinking about mixing and matching Granada Tile‘s cement tile designs. Specifically, it was his great floor tile installation at Delphine, featuring our Echo Collection‘s Cannes and Monaco tile designs, that started our minds going. We loved how he took two similar cement tile designs and used them to add another layer of visual interest to the space. (Of course you go really wild and create a patchwork quilt of cement tile, as some of our clients have done for their bathroom wall tiles and kitchen wall tiles), but working with just a couple of patterns can lead to subtle, yet dramatic, results. Inspired, we took to our cement tile design tools to experiment ourselves and came up with some fun juxtapositions—perfect choices for tile backsplashes, kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. For example, we alternated single cement tiles of our Bruges tile design with our Leda tile design. The pattern would work well for smaller scale projects such as a tile backsplash or a bathroom tile installation.

For something on a larger scale, try going with two of our similar diamond-shape cement tile designs. In this case we used Khufu and Luxor, alternating one Khufu with two Luxor tiles across the row. It also has a great rhythm and would make an interesting choice for a floor tile installation.

Do you want to try your hand to? Give it a shot. A few tips, though: Stick with a limited palette and try to choose tile designs with a similar scale and corner profile. And, as always, we would love to hear what you’ve come up with. [subscribe2]


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