Granada Tile Cement Tile In Bestia, Los Angeles


We finally got a peek at Bestia, the hottest restaurant in Los Angeles.  The amazing house-made charcuterie, home-made pastas and hearty meat-centric dishes which find their way out of the kitchen of chef Ori Menashe have found fans since the restaurant opened its doors just two years ago.  The place is packed and even with a reservation, we found ourselves cooling our heels on the patio, drink in hand, waiting to be seated.  Lucky for us! Looking down, there was our beautiful La Rochelle cement tile brightening up the well-populated space and bringing a touch of color and pattern to this funky warehouse district spot.  Though the concrete tile has seen plenty of wear and tear from anxious diners pacing back and forth, wondering if their table is ready yet, the beauty of encaustic tile is its ability to retain its sparkle over time.

The qualities that make Granada Tile’s cement tiles the perfect choice for a hardworking restaurant’s floor tile  — along with their beautiful designs and vivid colors, our encaustic tiles are long lasting, easy care and low maintenance — are the same ones make it perfect for your tile project, whether used as kitchen floor tile, kitchen backsplash tile or wall tile, bathroom tile, shower tile, patio tile or laundry room tile.  Whether you’re looking for the La Rochelle cement tile pattern or one of our other beautiful concrete tile designs, start by visiting our cement tile shop to peruse our large selection of in-stock handmade master-crafted concrete tiles and call us today at 213-482-8070 to discuss which of our encaustic tile designs would be perfect for your home or restaurant project.


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