How to Create an Open-Space Kitchen with Cement Tiles

Open space kitchen
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Open-kitchen designs are becoming more popular every day. People love the airy design and the way energy flows through the home with such a floor plan. Open kitchens can raise the value of a house for sale and are a popular approach for brand-new homes. Of course, you’ll need the best options for creating that flow, and cement tiles are sturdy, attractive, and low-maintenance alternatives for a kitchen design. Learn how to create an open space using hand-poured artisan cement tiles from Granada Tile, and find out why these tiles are a great choice.

Understanding the Open Kitchen

An open kitchen, like an open floor plan, is an approach where your kitchen isn’t separated from the rest of the house by walls or doors. The kitchen floor plan could spill over into other areas of the house, such as the dining room, family room, or additional rooms. It sets an impression of one giant living space that has an all-purpose function. In many ways, open kitchens add a loft-like feel to the home, and these broad, open areas can make people feel more relaxed than many traditional residential kitchens, which can feel somewhat claustrophobic.

Why Open Kitchens Are Popular

An open-kitchen design offers a lot of benefits that people adore. The most obvious is the sheer use of space, which offers airflow and continuity, a unified approach to design that ties your house together. An open layout also removes barriers to natural light, which creates an overall brighter and airier space that’s ideal for gatherings or just relaxation.

Tips to Create a Cohesive Open Kitchen Design

  1. The first step to creating a truly stunning open floor plan that will tie your entire home together is to establish a theme or tone and stick to it. Whatever your palette is for your kitchen ideas, decide early on. One of the disadvantages of an open design is that every choice you make is on full display everywhere in your house, from your appliances to your flooring.
  2. Second, choose eye-catching but nonintrusive dividers. A kitchen island is a good way to mark the kitchen space. A table and chairs mark the dining room, while an elegant sofa and loveseat might distinguish the living area. Make sure that your choices all blend because they’re all going to be visible from anywhere. This includes your kitchen cabinets and shelving choices. Be sure to always keep your kitchen organized, clean, and decluttered because that, too, will show.
  3. Of course, your flooring is going to be an essential option, and hand-poured cement tiles are the ideal way to go for many purposes.

Choosing Cement Tiles for Your Kitchen Ideas

Granada Tile has a wide range of cement tile options that can take any open floor design to the next level. Check out the rich colors, etching, textures, and designs of collections like Andalucía, Minis, Relief, Echo, and others. These tile designs offer everything from the Mediterranean and Moroccan styling to classic country, modern, and so many others.

They are hand-poured and able to stand up to heavy foot traffic without fading, and they require only low maintenance when properly sealed. Best of all, they can be custom designed to suit your specific open-kitchen ideas. For more advice, call Granada Tile at 213-788-4238 or contact us online today!


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