How to Transform Your Home Office into a Masterpiece with Cement Tiles

Home office designed by Mirador Builders using St Tropez cement tiles
Designer: Mirador Builders, St. Tropez

When you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, it seems like there are tips and tricks everywhere, but what about renovating, redecorating, or even adding onto a home office? Your office at home is your sanctuary, where you can escape from the noise and bustle of the house and get away for some private work time. Putting your stamp on it and creating the right energy is essential. Let’s check out how you can create a home office design masterpiece with cement tiles and learn about the advantages of using this elegant and sturdy material for your space.

Why Choose Cement Tiles?

Your first priority when decorating your home office is inevitably going to be aesthetics. Cement tiles are a great choice in this regard because they come in an almost infinite variety of colors, styles and patterns. Beyond this, however, cement tiles are easy to install, they’re incredibly durable and they require very low maintenance once they’re in place and properly sealed. Because the colors and patterns reach 1/8” of an inch into the tile instead of just being painted on the surface, they’ll last for decades without fading. These tiles are ideal for wall accents, flooring or any other use you can imagine.

How to Create Your Home Office Design With Granada Tile Cement Tiles

The first step in creating your home office with cement tile is to choose the Granada Tile Collection style you want. You can explore our various collections, including Echo, Andalucia, the Minis Collection, Olvera, Relief and even the What’s New Page of the website to find the perfect tile for your home-office needs.

Once you’ve found the perfect tile or reached out to us about a custom design, decide whether you’ll use it as a wall accent, a primary wall tile, a flooring or walkway tile or for another decorative or practical use. Then, map out your pattern and get down to work!

Fast and Easy Installation

Laying cement tiles is super fast and easy. While each job is unique, the tile lays similarly to other tiles, though it uses thin-set mortar instead of tile adhesive. This is important — tile adhesive does not adhere to cement tile! Once you’ve prepared the floor and determined your layout, just apply the mortar, lay and space your tiles, apply grout release (or a first coat of concrete sealer), apply the grouting, and that’s it!

After it’s dried, using a proper cement tile sealant will keep it looking great for a long time to come and vastly reduce the maintenance required to keep the tiles in top shape over the years.

Halpern-Ibrahim Home Office – Case Study

The Halpern-Ibahim family came to us with the request to make some customized cement tiles for their new office. This would function primarily as a study for Dr. Ibrahim, a professor of history and an esteemed author and scholar on the Middle Ages in the Middle East. The family wanted a pattern that evoked the Middle East and settled on the Venezia pattern, with its copious fig leaves. Each of the four family members spent hours on Granada Tile’s color customization tool to come up with the final color palette and, ultimately, the position of each color in the tile design. Appropriately, the name of the tile design – Venezia – evokes the ancient role of Venice as a trading center of goods and ideas.

Home office for the Halpern-Ibahim family using the Venezia pattern
Designer: The Halpern-Ibahim Family, Venezia

If you’re looking to give your home-office design a new lease on life, check out our in-stock cement tiles, and for more advice, call Granada Tile at 213-788-4238 or contact us at today!


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