Installation Equation: A Patchwork of Cement Tiles

Planters faced in a patchwork of various cement tile designs from Granada Tile do double duty—functioning as a seating area. Tile photo courtesy Paola Devis

Before we share a great new project, we wanted to toot our horn a bit. Design*Sponge recently did a q-and-a with Melanie and Marcos on cement tile—to reboot their Ask an Expert series. Be sure to check it out. They have some great words of wisdom to take with you as you choose your tiles or embark on a cement tile installation. There’s also a great rundown of some of our favorite cement tile installations from the past few years! Now, on to the new project. Maybe it’s something in the air—the new trend we’ve noticed in the last few months is patchwork. Our clients have been really inspired by the look. It’s fun when you stick to a but it’s also really fun when clients incorporate a broad mix of colors as in the project recently featured in HGTV Magazine. For her tile project, our client Paola Devis was drawn to cement tiles, because, “I grew up in South America—this was the floor in my grandmother’s house as well as historic houses in my hometown,” she says. “I always loved it’s classic yet always ‘modern’ look.” She was also in the market for something contemporary and unusual and that led her to a patchwork design. After doing a lot of research, she decided on Granada Tile’s sensational cement tiles because of our quality and selection. Then, she was off and running.

The completed project is really something. The cement tiles face planters, which function as a seating area to boot. It’s a fun, lively use of the stunning concrete tiles, and, as Devis points out, the bright colors of the tiles are a great contrast against the desert landscape of Tuscon.  No matter where you look, there’s something engaging to catch your eye. If you’re interested in creating your patchwork cement tile installation, watch this space. We’ll have more information soon!



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