Installation Equation: Vintage Charm in a Northern California Bathroom

Our Sofia cement tile design brings a dash of color to the bathroom. It also inspired the pale green blue of the vintage claw foot bathtub. Tile photo courtesy Jude Mooney

In any context, Jude Mooney’s Sonoma County bathroom would be a knockout. But as the product of a first-time renovator? It’s exquisite. Simple and elegant, it has tons of vintage charm. Of course, we’re partial to the fabulous cement tile from Granada Tile that covers the floor. When it came time to choose her flooring, Mooney says, “I wanted something unusual.” A visit to a brick-and-mortar showroom left something to be desired. She kept searching for the perfect tile, that is until she remembered a Granada Tile brochure she had picked up at a home improvement store before the renovation was a reality. From there she was off and running. Mooney explored our Web site and found several cement tile designs that struck her fancy, including Cluny and Sofia, and ordered samples. Once she had the chance to see them in person, she decided on Sofia. It brings the vintage vibe she was aiming for (Mooney counts classic Spanish, Victorian, and Art Nouveau design as favorites), while bringing modern durability to the project.

The cement tiles also inspired the blue-green hue of the bathtub, an antique that had belonged to her great aunt. Relegated to the backyard until the renovation happened, the formerly pink-painted tub had been used on hot days and showed much love and wear. Mooney had it repainted, inspired by friends who had done the same and had the claw feet re-chromed. It looks perfectly at home on the cement tile floor and mixes happily with the sink and lighting. “I was thrilled the second it went in,” Mooney says of the concrete tile. “Everyone who sees it is wowed. The tile is the best thing about the bathroom.”


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