Installation Equation: Wall Tiles Jazz up Any Space


Granada Tile ‘s cement tiles shine in all the usual places: installed as backsplash tile, as kitchen tile or bathroom tile or as floor tiles. What about taking your design a few steps further, though, and using cement tiles as wall tiles in lieu of paint or wallpaper? They give you an immediate visual punch (color and pattern a given), not to mention they’ll keep their looks far longer than traditional wallcoverings or treatments. Some of our clients have shared tile photos of some truly marvelous wall tile installations. Take a look and see if something sparks an idea for your next tile design project. Bathrooms are a great place to think about using Granada Tile’s cement tiles as wall tiles, since they stand up to water so well. In a small bathroom, Hope Alexander didn’t just tile the shower, she also used our Alhambra tile design on the floor and as wall tiles behind the sink, creating a chic, cheery space in the process.

Granada Tile wall tiles feature in another exciting bathroom tile installation. This time, it’s the work of Adrianna Lopez. For the bathroom tiles, she covered an entire wall in our beloved Fez tile design. With the dark wood furnishings and classic apothecary sink, it all adds up to a fun, tropical vibe.

If you’re thinking about spicing up an exterior, cement wall tiles are a great choice there too. (We designed our Echo Collection to stand up to the elements and maintain its fantastic colors and patterns.) LA’s Terranea, a dramatic oceanfront resort, features outside walls clad in our La Rochelle tile design, a classic tile design perfectly suited to the property’s Mediterranean architecture. Using a palette that suggests the earth and sky, it’s a lovely mix that anchors the structure to its surroundings.

Inside or out, you can’t go wrong using Granada Tile’s cement tiles for your wall tiles. We hope some of these tile pictures inspire you, and, please, as always, be sure to send your our tile installation photos to us!



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