Introducing The Erin Adams Group of beautiful cement tiles


We’re very excited to introduce our latest collection of concrete tiles and our collaboration with tile designer Erin Adams.  Her aesthetic is unique — a blend of the folk art tradition that she was exposed to as a child and the sophistication of her education in New York.  We think these cement tiles are a perfect extension of the concrete tiles in our Echo Collection. We met Erin at a trade show where she was showing a selection of beautiful handmade ceramics.  Her work was interesting and her motifs were clever.  We kept in touch and decided to work together.  The concrete tile designs that resulted are easy and modern, made up of endless itinerations of the oval, the square and the circle, yet they have a timeless, retro feel.  This combination reminded us of the clean, graphic look of Scandinavian and midcentury modern designs and we christened this group of concrete tiles with evocative Nordic names. You can check out the full lookbook of the Erin Adam Group of cement tiles here.  You can also see it on our Pinterest Board here.  (By the way, are you following our boards on Pinterest yet? You can check out all of our Pinterest boards here!)

The same qualities that make our cement tiles perfect for a hardworking coffee shop or restaurant space — in addition to their beautiful designs and vivid colors, our concrete tiles are long lasting, easy care and low maintenance — make it perfect for your home, whether used as floor tile or wall tile.  Call us today at 213-482-8070 to discuss which of our encaustic tile designs would be perfect for your home or restaurant project.


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