Mix & Match: Pairing Echo and Rustico


Versatility. It’s a mantra here at Granada Tile. Use our cement tiles inside or out. Place the concerete tiles on walls, floors, fireplaces or wherever else your imagination takes you. Opt for custom colors or patterns. You can even combine stunning cement tiles from our multiple collections to create even more variety. One of our favorite ideas mixes our brightly colored and pattern cement tiles from our  flagship Echo Collection with the warm, terracotta-like finish of tiles from our Rustico Collection.

In the case of a covered terrace, the client paired 12-inch-square cement tiles from our Rustico collection in red and orange with six-inch-square Toulon and Santa Fe concrete tiles from our Echo Collection. The earthy tones of the Toulon and Santa Fe cement tiles complement the warm, sun-baked hues of the Rustico Collection concrete tiles and  conjure up a feel of relaxed, tropical elegance. For your next project, why not trying to mix and match with Granada Tile?


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