Moroccan-Inspired Cement Tiles: Art for Your Kitchen

Sofia cement tiles anchor a spacious open plan kitchen designed by Commune in Los Angeles. Photographer: Richard Powers

Kitchens are the Heart of the Home. We like to think of them as the Art of the Home. With Moroccan-inspired cement tiles highlighting key areas of your kitchen, you can inspire your family, friends and guests with the visual “flavor” of faraway lands. The bold color, sweeping lines, and intricate patterns of Moroccan-inspired tiles work together to introduce romantic allure into a home’s kitchen. Top interior designers have ushered in the use of the unique, handmade cement tiles in multiple ways, and we’ve curated a small collection of examples for your inspiration.

If you’re searching for a unique backsplash or a show-stopping floor pattern, you can integrate handmade tiles with ease into your existing space. The Sofia tile used in a Commune designed home provides visual interest without being overbearing, despite the bold color choices used in the rest of the kitchen. The sweeping lines and elegant colors of Sofia’s intricate pattern combine effortlessly with the vibrant blue cabinetry to draw the viewer’s eyes throughout the space. Paired flawlessly with modern open shelving, the model strays away from being distracting and instead grounds the large kitchen’s overall design.

Granada Tile’s blue and white Fez cement tiles in studio kitchen and dining room, designed by Shubin + Donaldson Architects. Photographer: Tom Bonner Photography

Fortune Favors the Brave. Here, Moroccan-inspired cement tiles light up this space. Biscuit Studios integrates a kitchen which balances neatly between eclectic and modern with the use of the Fez cement tile. The tile sprawls across the floor and up the walls to seamlessly connect the entire kitchen space. Paired with neutral stainless-steel appliances and rough woods, the bright blues and whites of the tile allow the kitchen to feel both effortlessly modern and rustic.

Granada Tile’s Tunis cement tiles grace the kitchen island and the floor, designed by Ariel Fox Design.

When working with tiles which speak for themselves, sometimes we are reminded that ‘a little goes a long way.’ Moroccan-inspired tiles do not need to cover an entire surface to make a statement, as shown in this Ariel Fox design. With this design, the small space incorporates the compact pattern and midnight blue of Granada Tile’s Tunis tile with the existing cool whitewashed wooden walls. By creating a faux rug out of tiles and blending upwards into the island backsplash, guests feel drawn into the space. The eye is pulled upwards, out of the repeating pattern, into the clean lines of stark white subway tiles to rest casually on the communal areas of the kitchen.

White and airy kitchen featuring our Madesimo cement tiles, designed by ModOp Design in partnership with Better Shelter. Photographer: Alex Zarour

Better Shelter seeks to prove clean does not mean boring with its use of the Madesimo cement tile. While the kitchen showcased by photographer, Alex Zarour, immediately shouts ‘airy,’ it remains visually appealing with the tile wrapped elegantly around the kitchen island. Instantly, the kitchen is given a design upgrade. By allowing the Madesimo’s neutral color palette to fade into the unfinished wood stools, it provides the tile with a chance to stand out without appearing shocking. The tile’s placement is both affordable (due to the amount of tile required) and intriguing, making it an excellent option for those on a budget. If you’re seeking to do just a small design project, this would be the perfect fit. To order the Madesimo or any other of Granada Tile’s stunning Moroccan-inspired tiles, contact our sales team at 213-788-4238.


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