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If you’re reading Granada Tile‘s Cement Tile Blog, then you already know that we update here frequently with information on new and recent concrete tile releases, tips for cement tile installations and—best of all—great tile photos to get you inspired for your next project. From historic tile pictures to contemporary releases, we cover them here. But that’s just the tip of the digital cement tile iceberg. We’re all over the Web!

 Love cement tile? Our Web site is a great place to start exploring our sensational concrete tile offerings with catalogues, tile photos and more.

For starters, there’s our Web site. For comprehensive information on cement tile, catalogues and more, it’s the place to be. (We’ve got a pretty exciting announcement about it soon, too, so keep checking in with us for that.) You can play with our interactive Echo Collection catalogue and explore Share Designs, where fellow tile-philes post their own interpretations of our concrete tiles. You can also watch videos about concrete tile production and get see great installation tips.

 Love Pinterest? We’re there too! And have lots of tile photos for you to check out, along with other inspiration from palettes to rooms that delight us. 

Beyond that, we’re active on social media. Do you love Facebook? Come like us over there. Are you a dedicated Tweeter? We tweet, too, and want to hear from you. We love your stories about your own cement tile installations and would be delighted to find out more about them—and see tile photos. It’s a great way to connect with fellow concrete tile lovers. We also have a presence on Pinterest (check us out there, too). We post installation tile pictures there, too, along with cement tile inspiration featuring our cement tiles in fun and color combinations and layouts to give you an extra creative spark. And, we also post images of other objects, rooms and spaces that inspire us. You might see the germ of an idea that becomes one of our sensational cement tiles or gets you thinking about a new palette for your tile backsplash.

 How about Houzz? If you love design and architecture, it’s a great resource for inspiration. You can find us there and see some outstanding tile pictures. 

Finally, if you’re an architecture and interior design lover, you have to visit us over on Houzz. We post photos of completed residential tile installations, so if you’re looking for ideas for your new cement tile backsplash, wall tile installation or bathroom tile or kitchen tile project, you can count on Houzz for quick and easy inspiration. Curious? We hope you are, and we hope to see you soon all over the Web!


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