Hexagons are such an elemental, pleasing shape.  How do those bees make something so precisely geometric? Granada Tile offers patterned hexagons to liven up the floors and walls of any room.  In cool white, greys and black, this is the ultimate is distinguished and classy.  In a mix of colors, the hexagon becomes the life of the party.

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon tile is a classic geometric shape that is a superb alternative to the traditional square or rectangle tile. It offers more complexity and visual interest in a tiled space, while offering as many colors and patterns as any other tile product. Keep a room simple and spa-like with neutral colors but update the shape with hexagon tile. Add a pop of color or an interesting pattern that complements the hexagon shape to give any room a serious overhaul.

The Hexagon Tile Look

When many people think of hexagons, they think of honeycomb. Bees are incredible little creatures with an awe inspiring expertise for precision and complexity. While lending a nod to nature, hexagon tiles are also a sleek and clean-lined geometric shape that is both classic and modern. It is a classic shape of tile that will never go out of style, however, it has increased in popularity in recent years for the homeowner who wants something a bit different than the traditional square or subway tile. Home and business owners who want to stand out but keep things fresh turn to hexagon tiles in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can find hexagon tiles in vibrant colors, soft neutral hues, single and dual-tones and unique patterns. No matter what overall look and feel you want to evoke, you’ll find a hexagon tile to suit your needs.

Ways to Use Hexagon Tile in Your Home or Business

Because hexagon tiles are a classic shape, they can be used in just about any area in your home or business.

Use hexagon cement tile in a living room, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, office, restaurant, spa, boutique, or even outside. They are as versatile as they are beautiful.

Hexagon floor tile is an excellent alternative to ceramic tile and hardwoods that can otherwise look worn and faded after a few years of heavy foot traffic. Concrete hexagon tile won’t exhibit the same signs of wear and tear and will be able to stand up to daily use, messes and spills on the floors in your home or business.

Combat water damage with beautiful hexagon bathroom tile. Feel free to tile the floor, walls and the shower to create a stunning space without worrying about mold and fading.

A hexagon tile backsplash will instantly update and deliver top notch style in your kitchen, even without an expensive remodel. Choose a classic neutral shade, or be a little more creative with a fun geometric pattern.

Hexagon wall tiles are the perfect option for creating a feature wall in your home or business. Tile the walls in the kitchen for a modern look that matches the backsplash, or create a unique work of art on a section of wall in the dining or living room.

Choose Concrete Hexagon Tile

The hexagon cement tile from Granada Tile will not only look beautiful, but last much longer than ceramic tile or hardwoods in your space. The unique manufacturing process creates an incredibly durable and hard-wearing tile, while delivering the benefits of an artisan-made product. You’ll find hexagon tiles inside our Echo collection and Minis collection.

Browse through our catalogues for ideas and inspiration, or contact us about color options and ordering your hexagon tile!