These decorative tiles, evocative of mysterious and distant lands, add romantic allure to your home. Use them for bathroom wall tiles, kitchen floor tiles or a kitchen tile backsplash to put an exotic spin on your everyday rooms.

Moroccan Tiles

You’re walking the streets of Marrakech, Casablanca, or Fes, and you notice the colorful buildings and architecture which ties together beautifully with the vibrant market places. The stylistic influence of Morocco is colorful and vibrant, with intricate patterns and bold geometric shapes. Moroccan tile is one of the most sought after types of tile available, revered for its excellent attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Moroccan Cement Tile Designs

Traditional Moroccan tiles are ceramic and made from a mixture of sand and pigments that are cured under heat. Moroccan cement tiles are made with concrete, sand, marble powder, and are not fired in a kiln. They are compressed in a hydraulic press and their unique manufacturing process embeds the design and pigment into the tile itself, rather than on the surface. Cement tiles are much more durable and resilient than ceramic tiles, making them an ideal choice for any area in your home, especially the spaces you love to use and show off.

Zellige is an art form that has been highly revered for hundreds of years in Morocco. Zellige is a type of mosaic tile, designed with small shapes in repeating patterns. The look is both traditional and fresh in its versatile range of designs. From dual-toned geometric patterns to intricate multi-colored designs, zellige tile works for all types of spaces. Our Minis Collection plays homage to the zellige tradition with hard-wearing mosaic cement tiles in a wide range of shapes and colors.

Within the Echo Collection you’ll find Moroccan inspired cement tiles in vibrant shades of cerulean blue, red, orange, green, bright white, gold, and more colors in a wide range of dazzling kaleidoscope-like patterns. You’ll see starbursts, bold geometric shapes, strong lines, florals, and traditional Moorish designs.

Ways to Use Moroccan Concrete Tiles

Whether you have an eclectic palette, or a taste for modern lines and bold color combinations, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our Moroccan cement tile section.

Moroccan floor tiles look beautiful as a dramatic entry way or foyer. Use a bold color combination or dual-toned tile design to wow visitors. Another great place for Moroccan floor tiles is in the kitchen. Through busy daily use and the occasional spill and mess, your cement tiles will hold up beautifully.

Moroccan bathroom tiles can give that wow-factor in a guest bathroom, master bath, or half-a-bath. Get creative with bold colors and patterns!

A Moroccan tile backsplash will make a big impact in your kitchen. You can stand out from your friends and neighbors by ignoring the traditional subway tile look, and opting for a unique Moroccan inspired tile design. Keep it classic and clean with a neutral color palette, or go bold with two or more bright colors. Moroccan kitchen tiles will stand up to every dinner and every mess you make in your kitchen.

Moroccan wall tiles are a one-of-a-kind alternative to paint or wallpaper in a special room in the home, like a dining room or accent wall in a living room. They won’t chip and fade due to normal wear and tear and will give your home a stunning feature piece.

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